China special aircraft R & D Center settled in Wuhan

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On July 14, the signing ceremony for the project of China special aircraft research and development center jointly built by AVIC and Wuhan high tech Zone was held in Wuhan. This signing is not only a positive measure to implement the development strategy of AVIC industry and integrate into the local economic circle, but also a powerful practice to fully implement the strategic cooperation agreement between AVIC industry and Wuhan city.

According to the agreement, Tefe will build China's special aircraft R & D center in Wuhan East Lake high tech Zone, which is mainly engaged in the R & D and sales of floating aircraft. In the first phase, it will invest 1 billion yuan to establish R & D center, marketing headquarters and operation headquarters, etc.; in the later stage, it will establish the investment scale and development according to the development plan of aviation industry in East Lake high tech Zone, AVIC industry and Tongfei industry Direction.
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